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a chance to relax
Piece of Earth Brazil

Serra da Canastra National Park.

Oh! The spirit of Minas Gerais.

Pico do Morro, a little piece of heaven, in a picturesque region, with an inspiring horizon. There is  more than twenty years, Pico do Morro was built at a time when there was no electricity. Built with the hands of artisans from the village of Olhos D'agua and the city of Delfinópolis. Here is a return to the place of our beloved ancestors.

Minas Gerais root

Accommodation available for people who enjoy the

value of the rustic countryside, a treasure of Nature!

What we provide

In, Out, Wild.

Sitio 215.jpg


Stylish outdoor accommodation

Country house

comfort and coziness

Natural beauties in the surroundings

Trails, waterfalls, mountains, fauna and flora near Serra da Canastra National Park

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